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Flexible Shaft Grinder

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Flexible Shaft Grinders are smooth running motors and are balanced dynamically for vibration free performance. These machines are available in variable speed both in Single Phase and Three Phase Power Supply. The motors are absolutely trouble free and mounted with an easily accessible rotary switch. These machines have low maintenance cost due to absence of frequent armature / carbon brush failure and clogging of filters compared to other universal and pneumatic tools.

TheFlexible Shaft Grindersthat we Manufacture, Export, and Supply is widely acclaimed by the clients due to its constant and high cutting speed. Sophisticatedly designed by adept professionals the Grinders are highly acknowledged in the domain. Our Flexible Shaft Grinders require a very little maintenance cost.

  • Provides freedom of using a 1 or 1.5 HP. instead of a 20/30/50 H.P. compressor
  • Switch :Branded rotary on-off switch (Salzer or Equivalent Make)

  • Our motors are thoroughly tested for insulation and overloading; incorporated with a high quality windings and bearings. The motors are absolutely trouble free and mounted with an easily accessible rotary switch.

    Our flexible shafts are manufactured with superior quality raw material to ensure longer product life. The shafts can be easily fitted or dismantled from the motor at one end and tool holder at the other end.

    Our tool holders to suit different applications like mounting of grinding wheels, mounted points sanding discs and right angle attachments. The individual components in the assembly of the tool holder are made with proper heat treatment, dimensional and surface finish, forms, profiles etc.,

    The separation of drive unit and the tool itself provides for complete freedom of operation, without fatigue, during long working periods. Additionally, areas difficult to reach with other tools can be worked effectively with flexible shaft machines.

    Our program embraces single-multi and infinitely variable speed machines. Operating speeds based on long, practical experience provides for optimal cutting and surface speed, which guarantees maximum stock removal and also economic tool factor.

    Advantages of machines with flexible shafts:
  • Wider fields of application with universal combination possibilities.
  • Light and handy tools related to specific performance.
  • Operation in restricted areas
  • Wide speed range
  • Constant speed
  • High cutting capacity
  • Unaffected by constant rough working conditions
  • Rugged construction - long working life
  • Pollution free low noise Level

  • RPM MODEL H.P. VOLTS PHASE Suitable Shaft Length Area of Application
    2800 Speedo 28 VRA 2800 1.5 415 3 15 x 2000 mm Fabrication shop, Rubber Retreading
    2800 CONTIFLEX 1 & 2 415 3 5/8 X 2 Mtr Fabrication shop, Rubber Retreading
    2800 Speedo 28 VRA 2800 1.5 220 1 15 x 2000 mm Fabrication shop, Rubber Retreading
    5800 Speedo 58 VRA 5800 1.5 415 3 15 x 2000 mm Foundries for primary heavy fettling and cutting, Forging and Fabrication shops for weld
    5800 2800 Speedo 58/28 (two speed) 1.5 415 3 15 x 2000 mm For Weld Grinding, Buffing
    8000 Speedo 80 VRA 8000 1 415 1 12 X 1500 mm 12 x 2000 mm Foundries of Cast Iron, Pencil Grinding, Mould Grinding
    12000 Speedo 120 1 415 1 10 x 1500 mm 10 x 2000 mm Finish Job with mounted point and Rottary Bur
    1600, 2880, 8000 Multi Speed (Belt Driven) 2 415 3 5/8 x 2 Mtr Heavy Duty Buffing,Polishing and Grinding Job

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